Who Am I

Explaining who i am is best done by explaining what i like to do and what i think is important.

What i like to do

  • I love being physically active through, crossfit, cycling to work, taking a walk, etc.. I can sit still….for a while.
  • I really like to coach, train and teach people, at work, through crossfit, teaching basketball. It’s also an excellent way of coaching, training and teaching yourself.
  • I’m into preparing and/or cooking good and preferably healthy, wholesome food. I’m definitly not a star-cook but love to experiment and try out new things.
  • I want to do stuff, execute, implement, make it happen, this is the only way to learn, get feedback and improve. I rather do things and learn quickly that it’s wrong then contemplate forever.
  • In relation, i also like to come up with ideas, for work, for basketball practice, workouts, myself, things to do with the family. Brainstorming and stickies may be old-school but it (almost) never fails.
  • I want to be able to make and enable changes if i feel it’s the right way to go. Not just by leading but also by informing, convincing and helping other people to make it happen. I want to do this through visualizing concept and bringing in a broad range of ideas and opinions into a general concept and direction.
  • I recently found out that i really like to write stuff i think about, not so much to share with other people, but more to get it out of my head and to help me really think about things.

What i think is important

  • Knowledge about (for me) relevant subjects to understand why, what and how and to be able to converse in a way that helps me understand other perspectives as well.
  • Ideals regarding work, family, what i do, etc.. so i feel comfortable with what i do and have a positive impact on my (small) world.
  • Freedom to do what i want to balance work-life-family and not to be remorsefull and feel restricted.
  • Independence to make decisions and not to be relient on too many other people
  • Physical challenges to keep the body and mind fit for life and to be physically able to do all the things you want and need untill the age of 100.
  • Contribute to society by making and promoting small changes or contributions everyone can do.
  • Helping others by helping them get the means to do it themselves and give them freedomg and independence.
  • Influencing people by sharing knowledge and by having respectfull and curious conversations.
  • Nature and environment as it is the basis of our existence and to make sure that what i do relates to some or all of the above points.


Born and raised till the age of 11 in Tiel, Gelderland. Moved to Bilthoven where i attended Het Nieuwe Lyceum (High School) followed by the School of Communication Systems (HBO). Lived on my own in Bilthoven for 3 years then bought a house in Utrecht and have been living in Vleuterweide with my wife and 2 kids since 2007.


Basketball has been a big part of my life. I started with the Flip Stars in Tiel where my father played, coached and was a referee. In Bilthoven joined the basketball club Irene where i played for 2 (or 3) years. Then a friend of mine took me to OSG in Utrecht, at that time the biggest basketball club with a lot of teams playing at the highest level.

I started playing there from the age of 15 and from the age of 16 i played 3 years at the top ‘junioren’-level. There i started as a bench player for the first mens’ team followed by a permanent starting position and eventually winning the championship which allowed us to promote to the highest level.

There we played three turbelent years and due to lack of financials means were demoted. I played for 4 more years there and then played 3 years on and off for a few different clubs. Closing out my career with Dunckers, Hilversum where we won the championship at the third highest level.

After that i coached and trained teams on and off and the last few years have been involved with youth (U10/12) basketball at SVO Basketball.



Fun Facts

  • I love music from Queen and Within Temptation specifically but quite an allround taste for music from all era’s. 80’s, 90’s have a warm placy and also soundtracks is something i can listen to a lot
  • Sci-fi and fantasy are my cup-of-thea. Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, James. S. A. Corey, etc..Not just because of the setting but also because they contain ideas about where society is or is going
  • Big fan of italian and asian cuisine. Unfortunatly since i avoid gluten the former kitchen is often skipped

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