My Battle With Graves Disease, part 9: check-up

In my last blog told about the fact that i was no longer under medical supervision and once again on my own. Hoping that the symptoms will not return and keeping up with my diet and lifestyle.

I still am a bit anxious because after the first time i was ‘fired’ i had a relapse about 1 1/2 year later. So now that i’m in my second ‘fireing’ for almost the same period it starting the gnaw at me, feeling like the sword of Damocles hovering over me.

When you are fired from medical supervision the statement is that you should do a bloodcheck (for THS and T4) every year through your local doctor. From my perspective this is not enough and i would say that you should be able to do it every 3 or 4 months. With once a year you are almost always too late to detect changes. Good thing is that with a little ‘white’-lie you can get more….so i did.


The result of the bloodtest was encouraging:

  • TSH 1,21 mU/L
  • T4 18,9 pmol/L

Below is a table of my previous results so as you can see i was worried that (free) T4 value would be higher again, but it actually went down a little but. TSH is much better as it’s now more in the middle

Although it’s still early in the process and people have been known to go for longer periods without a relapse, i felt good about the results. It would seem that, but i can’t scientifically support that, my gluten- and cowdiary free diet combined with specific supplements is working for me. Even with the extra stress that comes with the corona-situation.

Magnesium (shortage)

What’s bothering me more is my struggle with is my magnesium levels (need to be between  0,7 en 1,0 mmol/liter and i’m structurally below that) and i have been taking various types of supplements but none seem to take. I measure this through bloodtests and although there’s some critisism as to the value of a bloodtest for magnesium, if you get enough bloodtest then you should be able to detect a pattern. My orthomoleculair doctor told me that some people just won’t absorb certain variants of magnesium and that it can take some figuring out what the right type is. Sure, but i’ve been at it for a few years now…so patience is running out.

Why am i worried about my magnesium? Well, because it’s important for a lot of things but for me my it’s important to help support a healthy sleeping pattern, auto-immune system, (as an athlete) support performance when working out and helps prevent cramps which i regularly have in my calfs.

So right now i’m on my fifth or sixth variant (there are quite some variants) which is a liquid form a Magnesium. I have a testresult coming up in a few weeks so hopefully i’ll get some good news. But seeing as i do get cramps in my calfs (and other places) quite often i’m not too hopefull. If you have any tips, let me know! But i’ll let you know what comes up including results from a second thyroid related bloodtest in a few months (already working on an excuse for that one).

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