My Battle With Graves Disease, Part 14: upside down

In my last blog I wrote about about being back on track, well, I’m still on track but according to the bloodvalues it’s the world turned upside down. Looking at the FT4 (below) you can see it’s very low, almost on the edge of being too low and moving to a slow working thyroid.


In the graph below you can see the TSH value going way over de topline and even marked with an ‘H’, high.


The good thing is this means the medication is working, but a bit too good. So in the beginning I started with 30mg of strumazol, then had to take double dosis because it’s didn’t take. Then I went back to 30mg, then 15 mg and I’m now on 10 mg on strumazol. Each change in dosis was done around 6 weeks apart.


Adjusting the dosis of medication for the most part went without a hitch. However the change from 15 to 10mg was a bit bumpy in the sense that my heartrate went a bit up, slept less. However other symptoms didn’t not show themselves and after a week or 2 things are slowly settling down.

In 2 weeks I have another checkup, I hope the values didn’t go up/down that much, meaning I would still be on too much medication. The goal is to go back to 5mg and stay on that dosis for a longer period as some research has shown that taking a low dosage over a longer period, and then stopping, had better effects than stopping sooner.

Apple Cider Vinegar?

I’m always trying to look up things to see what affects the thyroid and I came across a (quite popular) youtube videa about apple cider vinegar: . I have to watch it again but the person in the video mentions the thyroid a few times as the cider will stimulate the thyroid. Now Graves-people don’t need stimulation of the thyroid, that’s the problem, but I think he means it in a different context.

But for now just trying to eat healthy and less frequent, doing crossfit workouts at 90-95%, trying to get enough sleep and take a stroll a few times a week to relax. Maybe a bit boring but it seems to work fine for me.

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