Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, what happened next?

Since my last crossfit post quite a few things happened, some even unexpected so let me give you an update.

Online Courses

One of the things i closed my last related post with was with the fact i wanted to do some online course to supplement my CF-L1. So i took the following courses:

I liked the last one best because it gave me some new insghts on how to approach scaling. I’m still looking for a ‘cheatsheet’ which includes all scaling options for most of the common movements though. They are relatively cheap and not really difficult but i recommend not to do too many in a row and apply your newly learned knowledge first before moving on.


After i posted my CF-L1 certificate including a link to my blog i got a lot of great responses. From work a few people actually asked me for tips and tricks.

But an unexpected but fun thing was that someone from work asked me (and a collegue who also does crossfit) to share my experience through a podcast. You can listen to it here. This also got quite some positive response all around.

How to get started as a trainer

I got some great reactions from my crossfit box and people working out there. Many asked me if and when i would start teaching crossift there. But at my box there currently isn’t any spot left. But the owner knew some people who just started a box so he got me in contact with them. And after i had a chat with them we quickly came to an agreement that i could start there on tuesdays from 18:00 till 20:00 (2 classes).

Although this is great, i have to be aware that this is something i do (for now) next to work and family. I was very open about this and told them that i have to see how this works out and we should evaluate after half a year. Because it’s not just something you can take a break from, once you start you have to be there every week the whole year. Of course vacations is something we can plan but it’s still a commitment.

Moreover, at home this wasn’t an easy conversation because it means that they are affected by this, even if it’s just a tuesday evening. Which means my wife has to cook, take care to the kids, etc… Fortunatly the kids are more selfsufficient now so it becomes easier. If they were younger i don’t know if i would have done it. But for now i get a chance to experience being a crossfit trainer.

My First Class

Thursday evening 18:00, 12 march, my first class. I was a bit anxious but the first of the two classes was cancelled. The second one had only 3 people coming in. The first thing you try do to is size people up and try to match the workout to what you think they are capable of. And if you don’t know the people that’s damn hard. The other difficult part is timemanagement, especially if there is no seperate clock in the room.

The environment also takes getting used to, the box is a bit small and shares the room with a brazilian ji-jitsu class which is very noisy. It also lacks machines like rowing, skiing or airbikes, understandable, since they just started and had to invest a lot. So basically everything is new…. i guess i won’t stand out as much 🙂

All in all the workout was good, i got complimented on the clear instructions and positive support. For myself i think time-management and spending a bit more time on the flow of the hour needs work. I thought i would get enough practice under my belt but then…..corona happened.

So hopefully i can can pick this up on the first of september and even sooner. I hope to write another blog on my experience on learning to coach crossfit not long after. For now, stay healthy and safe!

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